Baroque (1-Key) Flute Fingering Chart

The following basic baroque fingering chart and comments were sent by Clive Catterall to the woodenflute email list.

d' 123456
d#' 123456k
eb' as above
e' 12345-
f' 1234-6
f#' 1234--k
gb' 123-56
g' 123---
g#' 12-456
ab' as above
a' 12----
a#' 1-345-
bb' 1-3456k
b' 1-----
c'' -23---
c#'' ------
d'' -23456
d#'' 123456k
e'' 12345-
f'' 1234-6
f#'' 1234--k
gb'' 123-56k
g'' 123---
g#'' 12-4-6k
ab'' 12-4--
a'' 12----
a#'' 1-3---
bb'' 12-456k
b'' 1-----
c''' -2-456k
c#'''---45-k *
db' -234--k
d''' -23---k
eb'''as above
e''' 12--56k
f''' 12-4--k
g''' 1-3---

*there are a lot of variations for c#'''

generally f' f'' f''' f#''' g#' g#'' a#' a#'' need flattening and f#' f#'' c#' c#'' need sharpening.

These are not hard and fast rules, as some flutes need less lipping than others, and some have the reverse tuning corrections! These are the common fingerings and corrections. Generally early baroque (three joint) flutes need greater correction than later (four joint) flutes. The scale is also more even on later flutes with less colour change between the plain fingered and forked notes.

As with the recorder, the baroque flute is very rich in alternative fingerings, to correct intonation problems, to alter tone colour, or to allow a wider dynamic range. These need to be explored for individual instruments. If you are used to doing so (for example on the recorder) some fingerings can be altered by half closing some open holes to correct slight intonation problems e.g. half closing hole 5 brings f''' nicely into tune on my flute, and the amount of closing is not particularly sensitive so it is easy to do.

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