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Description: Instrument makers based in West Wales, Uk. Strings, repairs, accessories, CDs and folk sheet music.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Vintage and custom musical instruments from India.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Wooden Garden Furniture manufacturer.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Find a flute teacher in your neighborhood.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Furniture products supplier
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: We are able to supply flute packagings.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: We supply wood display racks, wooden storage racks. They inculde flute storage racks, flute cd display racks, flute magazine and book display racks and so on. Wish our hand made wood racks to your like.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: We supply wooden products include flute.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Supplier of custom design wooden gift boxes which are also suitable to wooden flutes
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: A source of tunes for flute players
Submitted by: iflute
Description: Hand-crafted wooden flute heads by master craftsman, Bob Ogren in Winona, MN. A warm, natural sound you will absolutely love.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Wooden wine box Wooden Card Boxes Wooden tool boxes Wooden jewelry box wooden cigar box wooden storage box wooden gift box wooden tea box wooden pen box
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: you can find information about Ney instrument and you can buy a Ney from Turkey with Ebay
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Professional Irish music band in Japan. You can listen to their CD.
Submitted by: hatao
Description: June 16th-18th University of Washington, Seattle The Wood Flute Conference 2006 will examine the extent to which "modern" wooden Boehm-system flutes and metal flutes with wooden headjoints are being played in the United States and Canada, and will allow participants to discuss their common experiences and problems as members of a distinct but growing minority in the flute world. ... You don't presently play a wooden flute or headjoint? All are welcome to experience a fascinating line-up of dynamic performers and presentations with flutists and scholars from around the country.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Professional Canadian-based band featuring guitar/bozouki, fiddle, flute/whistles/bodhran and dance!
Submitted by: TriskellStudio
Description: Site about the ney in Turkish, includes a photo gallery, and sound samples of musical scales played on ney and professional ney making house.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: High quality professionally tuned sideblown Bamboo flutes custom made in the Pacific Northwest. Our flutes are constructed using traditional methods and can be made in any key and any size. Place an order today!
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Suppliers of new and used Irish wooden flutes and whistles. Repairs and restorations. Mark Hoza's Kything flutes are usually available from stock.
Submitted by: Sam Wise
Description: A complete resource for Irish music in New Zealand
Submitted by: Brendyn
Description: The Irish flute Store Featuring fantastic flutes and whistles by top-name makers available for immediate delivery. No more waiting lists :)
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: French Website for the woodenflute. Le site Web de la flte traversire en bois. (site exprimental)
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Spiritflutes.com sells Native American style flutes, made from aromatic cedar, and professionally tuned
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Antique and early musical instrument collectors, specializing in wooden flutes and whistles.
Submitted by: HeatherBreeze
Description: Website of Welsh Traditional Music band Hogiau'r Gororau (Lads of the Marches) featuring, among others, wooden flute and whistle player Jem Hammond.
Submitted by: Jem Hammond
Description: We offer a wide selection of tenor,plectrum and 5 string banjos also mandolins and woodenflutes. We offer a banjo informational page.We also offer a used banjo parts page. Thank you.
Submitted by: Neil Kenny
Description: The WoodenFlute Case Shop ~ Handmade unique designed wooden flute cases. Engraved Native American Symbols highlight each case, along with its written scroll explains the meanings of each symbol used. Special orders accepted.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: innovative folk/jazz low whistle player
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: High quality, well tuned black bamboo flutes hand crafted in North America.
Submitted by: Aaron Heinig
Description: Martin Doyle Flutes: ease of playing - quality of tone
Submitted by: Shardul
Description: Portal for flutists
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Brilliant flute player and maker from Connemara
Submitted by: Par
Description: Delrin-polymer flutes for Irish music by Rob Forbes
Submitted by: Rob Forbes
Description: Jean-Michel Veillon's (flute player from Brittany) official website
Submitted by: JMV
Description: Kay's Secondhand Books & Sheet Music. This site offers a wide range of secondhand sheet music, including flute.
Submitted by: Kay
Description: The Mike Rafferty tune book now has its own web page thanks to Brad Hurley. Here you can look at the cover, a sample inside page, and the table of contents. This site also contains ordering information, frequently asked questions, detailed background on many of the tunes, testimonials from people who've bought the book, and a list of errata. Lesl
Submitted by: lesl
Description: Chris Dawson's personal myspace page,(the maker of Mike McGoldrick's bamboo flutes)which also links to his group KELTIAC.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Manach is an Irish performer who plays Boxwood and Apache Spirit flutes. Submitted by: webmaster
Submitted by: manach
Description: Lessons/workshops: tinwhistle/low-whistle/flute
Submitted by: JULES
Description: Irish and Gaelic discussion forums, including flute, whistle, many other instruments, heritage, general discussion and a music/instrument webstore as well!
Submitted by: Aodhan
Description: The Berkenhage workshop is a yealy event. One weekend in autumn (fri, sat, sun) I invite a teacher (Wim Poesen, Hammy Hamilton, Michel sikiotakis, Jean Michel Veillon, Sylvain Barou) On this site you'll find all the info you need about these weekends.
Submitted by: Raf
Description: tradmusic.com is a fully interactive traditional music resource designed by traditional musicians for traditional music. The aim of the site is to support and promote traditional music and traditional music artists and groups.
Submitted by: CMann
Description: Natural harmonics flutes, overtone flutes, willow flutes of various kinds, also three holed taborpipes
Submitted by: soundwell
Description: An Naer Produksion is a small Breton Music Label. With the help of the non-profit organization Stalig, they've built a online shop for their CDs. This link shows all their woodenflute related recordings.
Submitted by: Christophe BARATAY
Description: Fifth Mississippi River Celtic Music Festival in St.Louis, MO, USA. April 12 - 14, 2002. John Skelton and Larry Nugent.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: A site devoted to bamboo flutes of original and unusual design -- with even a few in D Major! Lots of diverse writings, instructional material, photo gallery, and music by Romy Benton. Poised to explode in 2004!
Submitted by: Romy B.
Description: Phil Bleazey Maker of wooden flutes, Whistles and recorders
Submitted by: Phil Bleazey
Description: Musical instrument lamps. I think they're pretty cool looking, check them out! Enjoy!
Submitted by: Suzie a.k.a. Shakiki
Description: Celtic Music Society is an outstanding traditional Irish music ensemble from East Rochester High School in East Rochester, New York. Our website features information on the group, mp3 recordings of performances, instructional materials, music, links, and more.
Submitted by: Mark G
Description: The ongoing project to catalogue the extant models of simple-system Rudall flutes, from Rudall & Rose to Rudall, Carte & Co.
Submitted by: Rudall&Rose
Description: Traditional Irish flute playing, with descriptions of styles, advice for flute players, an extensive discography, and news.
Submitted by: Gordon Turnbull
Description: interactive online music school offering tuition from Irelands leading players with personalised feedback
Submitted by: Conal
Description: Hard-to-find and imported CDs, videos, and books of Irish traditional music
Submitted by: Philippe Varlet
Description: Fyfer Restorations. Flutes restored and sold, affordable custom-made hard cases, Charles Nicholson manuals.
Submitted by: David Migoya
Description: Traditional Irish Music and Song from West Kerry, Ireland
Submitted by: Caoimhn S
Description: Archive of the abc tunes posted to the woodenflute mailing list, an abc tutorial, and more ...
Submitted by: SteveM
Description: Native American Wood Flutes, Drone Flutes & just added! New Triple Drone Flutes all tuned to key in the Minor Pentatonic Scale
Submitted by: Mac
Description: World-renowned maker and player of wooden flutes, fifes, and piccolos. Features full product line, Skip Healy CD's, an e-newsletter on flute playing techniques.
Submitted by: jdharv
Description: sound samples of flutes, Irish flutes, whistles, recorders. Emphasis on Irish music. Review of M&E vs Seery polymer flutes.
Submitted by: James_P
Description: Andrew Crawford - fine decorative boxes. Fine quality flute cases, specialising in cases for Baroque, classical and Rudall carte and similar style flutes. Also cases to fit quality modern instruments, other boxes and cases from stock or made to commission.
Submitted by: Andrew
Description: The official site of the italian band The Red Box which plays irish traditional music. Flute, fiddle, uillean pipes and guitar.
Submitted by: Lorenzo
Description: traditional wooden flute music from west wales played by ceri rhys matthews. info, pics, gigs
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Information and resources for Irish session players: session listings, tunes, tin whistle guide, reviews, directory, and more.
Submitted by: Mike Simpson
Description: Dale Wisely's enormous tinwhistle juggernaut!
Submitted by: DaleWisely
Description: Chiff & Fipple: The Flute Forum A fairly active message board for flute players from Dale Wisely of Chiff & Fipple
Submitted by: DaleWisely
Description: Chiff & Fipple: The Flute Forum A fairly active message board for flute players from Dale Wisely of Chiff & Fipple
Submitted by: DaleWisely
Description: Cranford Pub sheet music, and such in ABC format
Submitted by: Ryan Johnson
Description: Transat is a french-based band playing Irish music on flute, fiddle, bouzouki and bodhran.
Submitted by: Julien
Description: International Traditional Music Society, Inc. Non-profit organization website with traditional music links and resources.
Submitted by: Kevin Krell
Description: John Rutzen-Maker of wooden flutes, baroque flutes based in Ireland.
Submitted by: John Rutzen
Description: A discussion group oriented towards Irish Traditional Music, home of the Northern Virginia Intermediate Session. Here we exchange tunes, ideas, questions and answers.
Submitted by: Thom
Description: Richard Moon's online database of traditional tunes in ABC format. Search by name to find the notes, search by the notes to find the name. Download ABCs or play them direct from the web page
Submitted by: Richard Moon
Description: Grey Larsen's Irish flute and tin whistle educational offerings, and more.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: Grey Larsen & Paddy League. Online ordering of their new CD, "The Green House", touring schedule, news, email list sign-up and more.
Submitted by: anonymous
Description: A site devoted to the Nelson(NZ) Wooden Flute Workshop. A weekend of Lessons/Concerts and flute playing in New Zealand.
Submitted by: Pat Higgins
Description: Lark in the Morning-Pennywhistles & Irish Flutes
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Moore Flutes
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: TRadSoc (student society at Dublin City University that promotes Irish Traditional Music)
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Folkers & Powell website, makers of high quality baroque flutes.
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: BBC Virtual Session webpage.
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Boxwood School of the Wooden Flute
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Busman Whistles: High quality simple system whistles in wood or delrin with stainless steel or brass fittings.
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Celtic Crossings
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Chris Norman's Home Page
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Brad Hurley's Wooden Flute Exchange
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Ardal Powell's excellent flute history online resource.
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Rob Greenway's Irish Flute Pages
Submitted by: webmaster
http://www.hobgoblin.com/secondha.htm#flutes, fifes & piccolos
Description: Hobgoblin's Second Hand Instrument Page
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: General Irish Music information from Co Mayo, Ireland.
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Irish Music Portal site including news, sessions & festival listings, artist biographies and tour dates. CD-ROM instrument tutorials.
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Terry McGee's study of Rudall, Rose, and Carte flutes
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Ian Law's Flutes and Pennywhistles
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Gordon Turnbull's "The Flow" website
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: OZ Whistles: High quality simple system whistles in wood or delrin with brass, bronze, or silver fittings.
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Scottish Culture and Traditions
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: What is an Irish flute?
Submitted by: webmaster
Description: Celtic Traditional Music Webring Site List
Submitted by: webmaster

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